Samstag, 27. August 2011

It's Trailer Time 3

Welcome back to my favourite trailers that have been online lately. Here we go:

Chasing Madoff is much like the Enron - the smartest guy in the room movie in the way it's being told. Another interesting story on the bad boys of the economical world. It looks like it's  going to be another eye opening documentary on our capitalist society that we all are part of. Looking forward to seeing this!

Martha Marcy May Marlene also called "The 4 M's" during this years sundance festival for people that just couldn't remember the name of the movie looks like a very interesting thriller. To me it's got some smililarity to Michael Haneke's Funny Games. The girl seems to be out of control whilst living with some people out in the country. Flashbacks or Flashforwards are telling the story about what makes her so crazy. The trailer edit is very interesting and the quick cuts make the observer just as crazy as the protagonist. I'm really looking forward for the Sundance surprise hit of this year.

Heavy Times just looks like one of the most amazing and real live road trips ever. Unlike most road trip movies here we got a real pain in the ass kind of guy that just annoys everyone in a way it would actually happen. I'm ready to see this one!

Daniel Radcliff is back on the screen but this time he's not Harry Potter. After the last few years of him impersonating the Potter kid all the time he's finally managed to get a shot at another kind of movie after his broadway adventure. Black woman is a "haunted house" movie, so not very original and from the trailer I can't really tell any difference that should make this one special. Still looks pretty cool and scary I think. Let's hope that this movie has more to offer than Mr. Radcliff.

Martin Sheen is back on a big motion picture set. The story about father and son that have been disappointed in each other their whole lives is not an original new idea but it's always a great base for a story. Old grumpy and isolated Martin Sheen decides to follow his sons path along the camino in Spain. On his way he finds other people that want to travel with him. I'm a big Martin Sheen fan and I think he does a great job in this movie.

That is it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the trailers. See you next time!

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