Freitag, 16. November 2012

Jim Fletch on Tour

Last month I filmed the german band "Jim Fletch" during their live session with the german radiostation EgoFM. I hope they will go on heavy rotation with their music asap!
We had a great session going on with some simple handheld camera (Canon 5D Mk III) shots and the external audiorecording from the Studio. The perspectives and edit match the progessive simple sound they hit us with. At least thats what I was going for. I hope you enjoy!


If you want to know more about Jim Fletch and their upcoming performances check out their facebook fanpage:

Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2012

Gdansk in a day

Hey guys,

I just got back from a short trip to Gdansk, Poland. I spend three days in this beautiful harbor city. It reminded me of Amsterdam a little bit because of all the water around the city centre. I had a good time during the beginning of the EURO2012 there.
I just threw some shots together for the edit. The video was mainly a test for a point and shoot kind of thing with the 5D Mk III. I was quite disappointed with telling sharpness on the LCD in flat mode. Almost impossible! So next time I'll know better and take my monitor along. Makes it a little less point and shoot though. Other than that I enjoy the image, after some digital sharpening everything looked pretty nice. I wish I had brought a monopod though.
Here it is, enjoy:

Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

Loewe Connect ID Design mini movie

Back in January 2012 I had a chance to edit a project for Loewe, a german company that produces high quality TVs with great design. Julian Fischer from AIX Sponza approached me and with his team we went to shoot the new Connect ID TV and it's designer at the Loewe headquarters.

Check out the video here in german on my vimeo channel

Or check out the version with english dubbing on the Loewe YouTube Channel

I had a great time with the whole team on set. I'm really looking forward to realizing more projects like these. It was lots of fun to work on the edit and choose the right pace for this short clip. I hope you enjoy it!

Montag, 16. April 2012

Free Cinematography PDF by NoFilmSchool

I found this great PDF about cinematography. It's got a nice design and some good information for DLSR beginners. So if you're interested in buying a DLSR or wonder what you can do with the new technology of DSLR Filmmaking this is a nice FREE way to get a first look into the topic.

You can download the PDF here for Free. If you want to know more about the makers check out:

Freitag, 13. April 2012

Back to Freelancing

After a 4 month intermission working for Pro7 Sat1 GmbH I returned to my office desk and started freelancing again. Since January 2012 I had projects by Loewe, a german TV company, Bosch&Siemens and Mammut Clothing. I will try to upload the results as soon as possible to get the blog back on the road again.
Also I've been writing on a book about DSLR cameras which will probably be out in Decemeber in Germany.
In April and May I will have the chance to work with students of the HFF school Munich, Germany for their final project. The team is on set shooting on Arri Alexa right now and I can't wait for the footage to get here. I'm really curious about editing with Alexa footage! More on that in a couple of days.

I'm also waiting for my 5D Mark III to arrive. As soon as I get my hands on it I will let you know.

thanks for staying tuned!

Samstag, 27. August 2011

It's Trailer Time 3

Welcome back to my favourite trailers that have been online lately. Here we go:

Chasing Madoff is much like the Enron - the smartest guy in the room movie in the way it's being told. Another interesting story on the bad boys of the economical world. It looks like it's  going to be another eye opening documentary on our capitalist society that we all are part of. Looking forward to seeing this!

Martha Marcy May Marlene also called "The 4 M's" during this years sundance festival for people that just couldn't remember the name of the movie looks like a very interesting thriller. To me it's got some smililarity to Michael Haneke's Funny Games. The girl seems to be out of control whilst living with some people out in the country. Flashbacks or Flashforwards are telling the story about what makes her so crazy. The trailer edit is very interesting and the quick cuts make the observer just as crazy as the protagonist. I'm really looking forward for the Sundance surprise hit of this year.

Heavy Times just looks like one of the most amazing and real live road trips ever. Unlike most road trip movies here we got a real pain in the ass kind of guy that just annoys everyone in a way it would actually happen. I'm ready to see this one!

Daniel Radcliff is back on the screen but this time he's not Harry Potter. After the last few years of him impersonating the Potter kid all the time he's finally managed to get a shot at another kind of movie after his broadway adventure. Black woman is a "haunted house" movie, so not very original and from the trailer I can't really tell any difference that should make this one special. Still looks pretty cool and scary I think. Let's hope that this movie has more to offer than Mr. Radcliff.

Martin Sheen is back on a big motion picture set. The story about father and son that have been disappointed in each other their whole lives is not an original new idea but it's always a great base for a story. Old grumpy and isolated Martin Sheen decides to follow his sons path along the camino in Spain. On his way he finds other people that want to travel with him. I'm a big Martin Sheen fan and I think he does a great job in this movie.

That is it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the trailers. See you next time!

Samstag, 20. August 2011

Magnum Photos bringing the world closer together

Recently one of my friends whom I met on my worldtrip suggested I would check out this webpage called Magnum Photos . My friend Guy from England is a great photographer and shoots amazing documenty photos of far away places. The webpage he suggested is based on photographs taken by a few chosen photographers and their stories behind the pictures. Here is a quote from the webpage that acutally does a better job describing it than I could:

"Magnum is a community of thought, a shared human quality, a curiosity about
what is going on in the world, a respect for what is going on and a desire to
transcribe it visually.
" -Henri Cartier-Bresson

They had a great idea for these photographers to tell their stories without writing any text down for the audience. They made a slide show of pictures with background music, wildtracks and voice over interviews with the people in the pictures. As much as I love photographs, I was always more keen on moving pictures and their stories. But the essays on Magnum Photos are just fascinating, interesting and beautifully arranged. I love to hear these stories and the fact that just seeing a still picture makes me even more curious about what is being said. So to all of you out there with a little extra time. Please check out the essays and photographs on this page. It's well worth it!

 Paris. 1957. Magnum meeting. ©Magnum Photos
Paris. 2005. Magnum meeting. ©Magnum Photos